Fall Into Autumn Challenge! 9 - Autumn ombre/gradient

This week's challenge was to do an autumn ombre/gradient mani. I decided to do a pretty gradient. Now I tried to use different fall colors. I think that some colors get skipped over because many of us think of reds and oranges. I was stuck between plums and olive greens. I went with the greens because green is my favorite color and I had the perfect green glitter. 

I started off with 3 coats of Sally Hansen Crinoline. I ran into this polish at my local Dollar Tree. I was so excited that I bought every color they had which was a total of 6. These polishes go for $8 a piece. I really love the pro brush on these. I wish I could change all of my brushes out. Anyways, I sponged on Zoya Yara and Essence High Spirits. I topped it all off by sponging Nicole by OPI Brilliant Idea.

With all of the cleaning I've been doing, my cuticles look horrific. I hope they get better soon! I apply cuticle oil every day so I'm not sure what else I can do. Suggestions? 



  1. I'm glad you went for the greens also. :) And I find it pretty, just as you intended. My cuticles are sad too. For some reason my right hand looks even worse than my left, even though my left hand is stressed a lot more due to swatching. I have no idea what else to do. :/

    1. My right hand is worse than my left too. I think it's because I use my right hand for everything else. Both hands get moisturized with cuticle oil and lot of hand cream. I dunno. I just pulled out my paraffin hand wax spa to see if it'll help some.


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