The Halloween Challenge: Influenced By A Scary Movie

This is my late entry for a mani influenced by a movie. I totally forgot this was meant for Saturday. My Bad! I thought I would use the movie Saw as my movie of choice. I have been trying to watch scary Halloween movies all month but I haven't watched any of the Saw movies yet. I own all of them but I'm pretty sure I won't watch all of them. 

I actually had this mani planned since the beginning. I probably should have tried practicing painting Jigsaw's face. I don't know what I need to do to really get the perfect lines and stuff. My nail art brushes are pretty small. I thought about using acrylic paint but my hand painting would still look bad. 

So I got 5 different designs going on. My thumb is Jigsaw's face but it's really bad so I am not showing it off. These 4 fingers came out as planned. My ring finger is the Jigsaw symbol. My pointer, middle, and pinky fingers all start off with a light gray base with blood splatter. I stamped on barbed wire on my pointer finger. My middle finger has a puzzle symbolizing Jigsaw. My pinky has chains stamped on it. I think these symbolize the movie pretty good.



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