My October Birchbox

Yup, disappointed :( This month Birchbox collaborated with Goop.com. I decided to opt-in which I should have known to not do. The items in the box seem to stray away from what I am used to. Oh well, learning experience.

Here's what I got in my box...

When it comes to these sample subscriptions, I prefer make-up and nail polish. I can't complain since the other boxes have been great. 

The first sample is Caudalie Vinoperfect Radiance Serum. It's meant to brighten skin and fade dark spots. I don't need either! I kinda like my freckles. 

I received a full sized DDF Brightening Cleanser. I've tried this before and it caused a burning sensation on my face. I am going to try it again since I got a full size one. Who knows, maybe my skin was being funny last time I used it.

Here is a sample of per-fekt Beauty Lip Perfection in Melrose. I love the cuteness of the sample but it seems wasteful since I will get one use out of the gloss. The gloss is also a nice neutral color. Maybe I can use the flower somewhere else.

I got this sample of Miracle Skin Transformer. It has SPF 20 so that will be nice when I'm doing something outdoors. Now that the rain has set in, these may be put aside for a while.

As a bonus, I received a Luna Fiber bar in Chocolate Raspberry. This will be passed on because I am not a huge fan of chocolate or raspberry. I know... I'm weird. 

I got 3 Mighty Leaf Tea bags in different flavors. I didn't open the package because I don't like tea. I sometimes have a cup of tea when I'm sick because I like the warm on my throat. 


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