The Double Line by TBD

I am just getting caught up on the Beauty Department blog and thought this was blog worthy. I like to repost stuff but make sure no one thinks I am taking credit. I have been thinking I should start doing a few make-up looks like I used to but better. That was my original intention.

Anyways, I have always loved the double winged eye liner. I don't do it often anymore because I don't give myself much time to go the extra mile. BUT, now I think these instructions make it seem easy and I might have to work it in my different eye looks. Well, here it goes... hope you enjoy

post + photos by amy nadine, graphic design by eunice chun
This lovely look is an homage to Raquel Welch from the 1960′s and is actually easier than it seems if you just break it down. Your friends will be so impressed! Here’s all you need to do:
You’ll need a flesh-toned shadow, a brown or grey kohl pencil for the crease, a Q-tip, a black kohl pencil for the lash line, an angled liner brush, a black liquid liner, a black eyeshadow, a white longwear pencilconcealerconcealer brush, pressed face powder, mascara, Winks faux lashes and eco-friendly lash glue. Yes that’s a lot! But hopefully most of them you already have!
1. Apply a flesh-toned shadow or your pressed face powder all over the lid (not shown).
2. Line your crease with the brown or dark grey kohl (I used brown above believe it or not) by drawing a half-moon along the socket. Revisit my Crease Line Tutorial here for a quick refresher if needed!
3. Smudge the Q-tip back and forth over the line to soften and blend it out.
4. Line your upper lash line with the black kohl pencil by sweeping it from the inner corner to the outer corner, stopping at the outer corner. Lift your lid slightly with your other hand to really get it in between the lashes the way a liquid liner can’t. Revisit our Fill In The Blanks Tutorial for more specific techniques on this.
5. Use the angled liner brush to create the wing by going back over the outside corner of the lash line to pick up a little of the black liner and sweep it out and slightly upwards at the angle that would intersect the end of your brow. Using kohl liner for this step instead of liquid liner lets you perfect it with a pointed q-tip or even wiping it off and starting over more easily.
6. Now that you have the exact liner shape that you want, trace back over it with liquid liner.
7. Dip a thin liner brush into a black eyeshadow and trace it along the bottom lash line. I lightly wet the brush with water first for more intensity, but you can make that call. Then wing it out back the lash line parallel to the upper wing.
8. Rim the inner waterline with a white waterproof pencil. You could use a nude pencil as well for less impact.
9. Load up a concealer brush with cream concealer and sneak it in between the two wings to really make them pop.
10. Dip a clean angled liner brush into pressed face powder and sweep it over the concealer to set it.
11. Add a coat of mascara (or two).
12. You can end it there for a very chic look. Or… for a little more drama, add a faux lash strip! Revisit our Faux Lash Tutorial for my secret foolproof application tips if you need a little help.
Then pair it with a nude lip for a Sixties feel!



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