October Beauty Army box

For some reason I absolutely love these sample subscriptions. Beauty Army is a pretty good one as far as I can tell. It costs $12 a month. Once you take your profile quiz, you get to choose 6 products out of the selection given. If you don't like the selection, retake the test. Too easy! 

I added the link below for those interested. 

For this month, Beauty Army is donating a portion of it's sales to Strides Against Breast Cancer. I love seeing stuff like this.

Breast Cancer Awareness month = a cute pink box.

I absolutely love the pink camo inside the box! 

This is a Bath & Body Works shower gel in Paris Amour. The website states:  "French tulips, apple blossoms and sparkling pink champagne sweeten up lather that bursts with fragrance." It is a pretty smelling body wash.

I like seeing the words therapeutic and hair on the same product. I love when it actually does help my hair. I haven't tried this yet but hoping it works. I always hope the stuff I get works.

Now I think this is really cool. This is by Skinn Cosmetics. It has lipstick and lip gloss together. On the lipgloss, there is a mirror. The color is Coral Poppy. 

This is a perfume sample. I am not excited about it. When I did my beauty profile, I put that I like flowery scents but that's because the stuff I do like (Chanel Allure, Burberry for Women, Gucci Guilty, etc.) have an assortment of different types of scents all put together perfectly.

I hope this is as magical as it says it is. I usually need really moisturizing lotion in the winter which happens to be right around the corner.

The last item I picked is from Lipsi. Aphrodite Powder is a finishing powder. I haven't really used a finishing powder before. I bet it goes well with a BB cream or tinted moisturizer.

Here is the link again for those who missed it above.



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