4th of July Skittles

Happy 4th of July! Not only is it the birthday of signing the Declaration of Independence but it is also my dad's and best friend Alisa's birthday. I have many reasons to celebrate. I had a hard time deciding on one look so I have created a skittles mani. 

I started out with China Glaze Frostbite on my thumb, middle, and pinky fingers, Pure Ice Platinum on my ring finger, and Pretty & Polished Custom Polish on my pointer finger. 

I painted on a coat of Orly Spazmatic followed by Sephora by OPI Red Blasted for my pointer finger. I used a fan brush and painted Pure Ice Platinum and Color Club Berry and Bright to get the distressed look on my middle finger, I did a water marble on my ring finger using Platinum, Frostbite, and Berry and Bright. I used a dotting tool and placed dots using Frostbite and Berry and Bright. For my pinky, I used a glitter polish I made called Candi-Cane (red, white, and gold glitter).

My thumb is my favorite of all of them. I used my Cheeky CH4 stamp with white Konad polish for the stars. I painted the cloud stripes using Platinum and Berry and Bright. It looks like the stripes are a waving flag. 

I wanted to show a close up of my middle and ring fingers. Pretty cool right?


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  1. Love it! For sure beat mine. lol. Best day of the year =]]


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