Royal Velvet and Colorful Parrots

So last weekend I went shopping and stopped by Sephora looking at the polish. I decided I kind of liked the feathered looking polish from Nails Inc. I had bought a bunch of micro slices in different colors and made a polish using them. Since the polish I made is so colorful, I thought it would look best over either a very light or very dark color and went with a dark duochrome polish.

I started off with 3 coats of Orly Royal Velvet. I applied 2 coats of my polish... A Flock of Parrots. I thought I would throw in a picture of the pretty birds.

photos 20131898 birds that have great colors
A Flock of Parrots has blue, yellow, peach, red, hot pink, green, and a pinch of silver holo.

I really like the way this polish turned out. 


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