NCC Neons #1 - Tightrope with Blue Drop Bubbles

So I'm pulling double duty here. I am reviewing a nail foil and thought it would look cool with neon colors. I did a green mani and it looked cool but I messed up the foil. I decided to use a different color that needed less coats. I went with a neon purple though it is harder to see through the foil.

So I applied 2 coats of Circus Tightrope on all but my ring finger. I painted on one coat of Zoya 
Purity on my ring finger for the water marble. I used Tightrope along with Sally Hansen Thinking of Blue for the marble. I decided to add some dots using Color Club Harp On It. 

Here is a close up of the foil Blue Drop Bubble Nail Transfer I am rviewing. I did one finger at a time this time and it went on so easy and smoothly I think putting the glue on all my fingers on one hand may have been part of my problem earlier.

I really wish the water marble was truer to the actual color. I wonder if it is better to use a nude polish underneath instead of white. t looks really cool right?  love this foil. I am glad I was asked to review it.

Here is the link for purchasing this foil...



  1. Interesting effect, the see-through foil + neon.... nice!
    What glue did you use to make the foil stick?

    1. I used glue for foils. I was sent some with the foil. I already had some from http://www.dollarnailart.com/ :)


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