Magically Delicious!

I haven't posted anything in a couple days so here is a quick something. I was playing with my glitters and threw together a polish. I need to be better at writing down recipes for polishes. I can remember some and know I can get pretty close with the ones I have made so far. I just need to get my work space all organized.

So I applied 2 coats of Nicole by OPI One Time Lime.

I have decided to name this Fairy Magic. It is full of lavender, purple, blue, aqua, pink, silver, and green square and hex glitter with white stars, purple holo bars, and silver holo shreds. It is very involved. I think it would look better over either a dark color or very light color. It seems to lose some of it's luster over a medium shade like this one. It still looks pretty.

Here is a closer pic to show it off a bit better. 


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